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slidfast is a learning framework created for the book HTML5 Architecture on O'Reilly Media. All the examples and code are explained in detail in the book.

This framework is well commented and documented so that you can learn. It is focused on the 5 HTML5 or W3C specifications that are widely supported across all modern browsers:

This means that I'm only using native API's provided by the browsers. That's right kids, no jQuery. All bloat has been removed so that we can truly learn what is going on and get the maximum performance on our target browsers.

Getting started

There are quite a few examples in the root directory to get you started.

Basic Init

Include slidfast.js and slidfast.css in your html, then call:

   defaultPageID:'home-page',  //required
   touchEnabled: true,
   singlePageModel: true


There's a million ways this can be improved and made to support all web browsers. Right now it's mostly supporting WebKit(100%), Mozilla(50%), and the others need impl and testing.

Fun Facts